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Happy 11th anniversary, Homestuck. It’s hate stonks month, the month we all rebember tha-t maybe there right We’ve finally implemented a policy on how we’re going to handle this massive influx of new dubiously canon content, with the policy available for reading over at MSPA Wiki:Canonicity. As this is a massive project we’ve only split up a few pages thus far, and many of them are stubs! Please feel free to contribute to adding new content. Yep, we’ve finally entered the Head on over and say hi , it’s a great way to chat to other wiki users about topics both Serious Business and Ridiculous Folly! Just when you thought this year’s surprises were over, What Pumpkin and co.

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Koikatsu Controls. Press F9 to go back and Shift to the first person mode. It could be as simple as a setting or perhaps I mod I haven’t figured out. According to Valve, this sex game was one of the top-selling games on Steam in June , which marks an. Can someone list or link to all of the keyboard and mouse settings.

There is an alternate repack out there on another site (FFF) with a slight Koikatsu Party Adult Dating Sim Is The Birth Control Of By Talha Amjad July 26, helluva boss 8; homestuck ; koikatsu ; large breasts ; loona 5;.

Once, in this very universe, you could say, Alternia was home to a peaceful race. Trollkind had never known the corrupting influence in their evolution which led them to perpetual war and violence. That is to say, they had never known me. As was true of the bellicose world we know, there came to be twelve heroes on this peaceful planet. These heroes too had twelve ancestors whose fortunes were entwined with theirs.

These twenty-four figures of legend were not of this world but sent from the sky, delivered from a reality not yet conceived. On the eve of their race’s extinction, the twelve heroes would begin playing a game. They would make an admirable effort, but they would fail. Their civilization had not prepared them for the rigors of this game, and the ultimate reward would fall shy of their grasp. But their failure was more comprehensive, more systemic, than a result of simple inadequacy so common to young players of this game.

Though they could not recognize it for the bad omen it was, this session was not the one in which they had been spawned. Such is the symptom of a subtle glitch affecting certain sessions, an error designed to trigger an unfathomable cascade of misfortune throughout paradox space. This glitch is the calling card of the one I serve.

It is the discreet, gentlemanly manner in which he reserves his place in a universe for later visitation.

A Story That Could Only Be Told Online

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Namco Bandai is teaming up with webcomic creator Andrew Hussie and What Pumpkin Studios to develop Namco High , a new browser-based dating sim based around characters from various Namco Bandai franchises.

Produced under the supervision of Andrew Hussie, best know as creative director behind Homestuck , the browser game will feature a high school populated with video game characters that the player can presumably develop relationships with.

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Search Results. The Homestuck Epilogues Candy 1. Candy was definitely the right choice, John thinks, as he munches thoughtfully on a strawberry swirl mint. The Homestuck Epilogues Meat 1. Meat was definitely the right choice, you think, as grease drips down your chin.

The latest Tweets from June’s Java: A Homestuck Dating Sim (@JunesJava). What is there was an Earth C coffee shop dating sim? Haha just kidding unless​?

With the release of his massive hit webcomic hitting the bookshelves, I had the opportunity to speak with Andrew Hussie , the elusive and hilarious creator of Homestuck , one of the most ambitious and interactive independent comics ever created. You say in this intro that this book is for enjoyment, perhaps a leisurely companion to the media blitz that is your webcomic. So what is it that made you decide to go to print, something more tangible, but far more limited? Your writing has a very solid voice in this.

If so, how would you describe its impact on you as a person and your life as a whole? Does that date hold a particular significance to you or is it purely about the significance of the start date to the story itself? Essentially, does the significance of that date come before or after? When did you first start getting into comics, let alone in web form?

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The webcomic centers on a group of teenagers who unwittingly bring about the end of the world through the installation of a beta copy of an upcoming computer game. Homestuck features a complex story and a large cast of characters, starring the four children John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider, and Jade Harley. Hussie invented an alien species, called trolls, that have a unique culture.

Homestuck characters are particularly popular to cosplay at anime conventions. According to Lauren Rae Orsini writing for The Daily Dot , there existed named characters in Homestuck in September , with more still being introduced. The first few acts of Homestuck center around four year-old children.

Homestuck is a webcomic written, illustrated, and animated by Andrew Hussie as part of MS His classpect is Page of Breath. Terezi was the first of three Homestuck characters to be introduced in Namco Bandai’s dating simulator Namco.

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Koikatsu Controls

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Homestuck is a webcomic by Andrew Hussie. It is the fourth MS Paint Adventure , and by far the largest and most notable, ending with 8, pages. It started on the tenth of April, , with Homestuck Beta. After Homestuck’s end, What Pumpkin Studios created extended works set in the same universes: the video game Hiveswap in , Hiveswap Friendsim in , and the epilogues in And finally, a quote unquote from Hussie himself: “I don’t actually like the Internet.

Homestuck is unique in its acknowledgement of its readers.

Developer: What Pumpkin Games, Inc. Publisher: Fellow Traveller. Franchise: Homestuck Universe. Release Date: tickets available soon. Visit the website · View.

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If you spend a lot of time on the Internet, or have recently been or befriended a teenager, you may have heard of a webcomic named Homestuck. For an adventure game! During the course of their adventures they befriend several members of an alien race called trolls.

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