Inuyasha Characters Part 1

Test your knowledge on this television quiz to see how you do and compare your score to others. Random Television Quiz. What do the Inuyasha characters think of you? Halla Phantomhive. Me: Hi. I brought some friends from Inuyasha to ask some questions.

What Inuyasha Character Are You?

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Play this quiz called Characters of Inuyasha and show off your skills. Click on the tags below to find other quizzes on the same subject. tv · series · anime.

The InuYasha Quiz! If U R an Inuyasha fan, this should be easy!!! Progress: 1 of 20 questions. A inuyasha quiz about the characters and the story etc.! I hope you enjoy! How does Kagome awaken Inuyasha? Progress: 2 of 20 questions. Progress: 3 of 20 questions. What was in Kagomes body before she entered the feudal era for the first time?

Progress: 4 of 20 questions. Who is the kind half demon, that knows much about healing plants? Progress: 5 of 20 questions. How does Sesshomaru learn to have a compassionate heart? Progress: 6 of 20 questions.

Inuyasha Quiz

You got Inuyasha! You don’t take shit from anyone, and you won’t hesitate to ‘stick it to the man’ so to speak. With that all said, you may be a bit violent, but you are a kind soul despite it all. You may THINK you’re a big bad, but really, you’re a precious baby with a lot of feelings and a natural aversion to the word “sit. You’re Kagome- AKA the mom friend. Kagome is sweet and pure, but she has a temper and a shape tongue, too.

Your little hint, character name. half demon dog. human/reincarnation. fox demon​. monk. demon slayer. two-tailed cat demon. flea demon. wolf demon. enemy.

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InuYasha Quiz: Which InuYasha Character Are You?

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Originally when Inuyasha and Kagome first met quizzes other, Inuyasha immediately disliked Kagome as she reminded him of Kikyo due you their similar​.

Quizzes I took for fun. Inu Yasha What Anime guy is for you? What Magical Girl Are You? You’re Faye! Work it! You’re sexy and you know it! Which Anime Girl Are You?

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Browse through and take inuyasha quizzes. Try to guess that anime! Should be pretty easy, unless you don’t like long quizzes (・ัω・ั) cover: salgoolulu.

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Inuyasha :sparkles:

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Inuyasha Quizzes. Recommended By Experts Lose Weight Pill Big Sale. If we send a thick one, we will not be rude. Muxiangxiang deliberately picked up the.

Index Newest Popular Best. This quiz is all about the characters of “InuYasha”. Good luck and have fun! Difficulty: Easy. Played times. As of Aug 22 Which character has silver hair and was bound to a tree by a sacred arrow? Which of these characters is like Inuyasha half-demon with a human mother and a demon father?

Which character is a monk, has to live with a hole in his hand, and asks every girl he sees to bear him a son? Master Mushin. What is the name of the demon that Sango always flies on? What is the name of the little girl that travels with Sesshomaru? Why does Inuyasha want to kill Naraku?

The Ultimate Inuyasha Fan Quiz

You have New Private Message s! Read Now. See wich character you are most like!

Use this quiz to see which of the main characters on Inuyasha you’re most like. Just answer the questions and keep track of which letter you pick the most.

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Quem é O Noob em ONE PIECE e INUYASHA? – Noob Quiz